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Q. How to get access to FlinkISO Forum?

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Which onlyoffice version do you support?

There is a latest version of ONLYOFFICE available. Which version should we use? 

on 8/11/23 | Open | By: FAQ-Admin

We are currently using ONLYOFFICE DocEditor Version 6.3.1. If you are installing ONLYOFFICE we recommend you use the same version. If you are using the latest version, do let us know and we will provide you with the revised FlinkISO code adjustment which would work with the latest ONLYOFFICE version. 

Hope this help you choosing the right version as per your requirements.

-FlinkISO Team 

on 8/11/23 | By: FlinkISO Team

We have now upgraded from ONLYOFFICE 6.3.1  to ONLYOFFICE Our latest version of FlinkISO On-premise & Cloud are now compatible with the latest version of ONLYOFFICE.

-FlinkISO Team

on 11/11/23 | By: FlinkISO Team