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Q. How to get access to FlinkISO Forum?

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How to get started with FlinkISO QMS?

We have downloaded the on-premise application and we do not see any QMS forms. Where are these forms and how to use them? 

on 8/11/23 | Open | By: FAQ-Admin


When you download and install FlinkISO Quality Management Software, you must initially perform following tasks:

  1. Creating Masters
    1. If your organization has more than one branches/ locations, then add them under branches section.
    2. Add departments & designations 
    3. Add Employees & users. Initially you may want to add fewer employees & users while you are testing the application
  2. Add Standards & Clauses
    1. Once the initial masters are added, you need to add different standards & it's clauses to the application. We have already added couple of them, which you can edit.
    2. After adding these, you must start adding your existing or new quality management documents. You can either upload your existing document or create them from scratch by using ONLYOFFICE document editors which are available in the application. 
  3. Build the application around your documents.
    1. Once you are ready with the documents, start creating HTML forms. We already have some of the common forms available under Modules section. You can simply download them and start using them.

Remember, application is entirely customizable and you build it as per your requirements. We provide you with the platform where you can create, share, collaborate while creating and editing the documents, as well as creating and editing HTML forms. 

Hope this information is helpful.

-FlinkISO Team. 


on 8/11/23 | By: FlinkISO Team