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How to edit existing forms that are created using HTML Form Builder?


We have created a form using HTML Form builder, we would like to know how to changes/ edit those forms? 


on 10/2/24 | Open | By: FlinkISO Team


To update existing HTML Form follow these steps,

  1. Goto the forms section by clicking the gears icon in top menu, it will list all the forms you have created
  2. click on the individual gears icon in form panel, it will take you to the form's view page where you see all the forms settings (document header on top, then document, then table details panel at left hand side and other settings like Linked Processes/Show Charts etc) on the right hand side
  3. Scroll down to Table Details panel's bottom, and you will see a Lock icon.
  4. Click on the lock icon and it will ask you for the password
  5. Add the password for the form you have created and click submit, It will unlock the form for editing
  6. Scroll down to Table Details panel's bottom again, and you will see a refresh icon
  7. Click on the refresh icon and it will open a form for editing. You will then see a HTML Form Builder with all the fields you have added already
  8. To edit any field, click on the Gear Icon of next to that field and it will open a Modal window with available field settings option.
  9. After updating, click on Update button, which will close the Modal window.
  10. You add new fields by Drag-n-Drop options from left hand side panel, or remove existing field by clicking on Remove icon of the field
  11. Once you are done with all the changes, scroll down and click Submit. System will ask you for a password again. If you want to change password, add a new password or use the same password.
  12. Click submit and changes will reflect immediately to the form.

We hope this instructions are helpful.

FlinkISO Team


on 10/2/24 | By: FlinkISO Team