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Q. How to get access to FlinkISO Forum?

Ans:In order to able to post, you must be a registered user either with FlinkISO either On-premise or Cloud. You can login to the forum via using your email address, which you or your administrator used duing the registration on the websile. Once you have the email address, use the same email addres and generate a token. We will send you the token on the same email address. Use that token along with the email address to login. You can read posts without login.

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Which PHP version does FlinkISO requires?

Is there any specific PHP version that is recommended or we can install FlinkISO on any version of PHP? 

on 8/11/23 | Open | By: FAQ-Admin

We recommend that you use the latest version of PHP. However FlinkISO is compatible with older PHP versions too. 

-FlinkISO Team

on 8/11/23 | By: FlinkISO Team

Dear FlinkIso team,

I'm installing the application on premise. I've configure all the necessary configurations and I received Congratulatory message on the browser with ready to setup application.

I input my email and clicked on proceed. I do not see any effect from the proceed button that was clicked.

I've tried to twick the email configuration file by updating my email and password, ongoing smtp port (465) and the host as my serverhost name ( Still no effect.


Kindly advise.



on 29/11/23 | By: Temidayo Popoola

Dear Temidayo,

You can directly edit the app/Config/email.php file with your credentials. You host should be your email host and not application host.  Please refer to Step 4 : Update Email SMTP Configuration at: 

Once updated manually, ignore the settings form from the application.

-FlinkISO Team



on 24/1/24 | By: FlinkISO Team